• When You Love A Woman

    Written by: Steve Perry, Jonathan Cain, Neal Schon

Trial by Fire is the tenth studio album by American rock band Journey. Released on October 22, 1996, the album marked the reunion of the classic 1980s lineup, which had not recorded together since 1983’s Frontiers. Trial by Fire was produced by Kevin Shirley, who continues to produce the band’s albums until now. The first album to feature bassist Ross Valory since “Frontiers” and the last to feature vocalist Steve Perry and drummer Steve Smith.

Trial by Fire includes the Top 20 hit and Grammy nominated single “When You Love a Woman”, which reached No. 12 and No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and Adult Contemporary charts respectively. “Message of Love”, “Can’t Tame the Lion” and “If He Should Break Your Heart” were released as singles and received radio airplay.

The album reflected a growing maturity with the members of Journey and could be loosely termed a concept album with many tracks reflecting a more overt spirituality in lyrical content. The title track, for example, is taken directly from Paul’s First Epistle to the Corinthians.

Trial by Fire was Journey’s last album featuring vocalist Steve Perry and the only one to not be accompanied by a supporting tour. That was due to internal disputes over a tour (originally scheduled for the summer and fall of 1997), as a result of Perry’s hip injury as he prolonged getting the necessary surgery. If the band had toured, the tour wouldn’t start until over a year after the album’s release. Perry left the band feeling that he was being forced out over his mulling over his decision to have the necessary surgery and because of the other band members’ pressure to tour sooner than later. Drummer Steve Smith also quit citing that the band without Perry didn’t interest him.

On November 9, 1996, the album peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 and was eventually certified platinum in the United States by the RIAA. The band did not receive another platinum award until Revelation in 2008.

Liner Notes:

We Wish To Thank The Following…
Columbia/SonyDonnie Ienner, Michele Anthony, Tommy Mottola, John Ingrassia, Tom Corson, Peter Fletcher, Will Botwin, David Coleman, Nancy Donald, Cheryl J. Myers, Jon Polk, Wendi Fletcher, Evelyn Burgueno and Chrisan Garrett-Lee Phillips, Bonnie, Phyllis, Jonathan – The SiteRichard Mithun, Katie Fox, Duane Aslaksen, And Partner – Skywalker Ranch…Bob Levy, Karen Harding, Skip Curley, Gretchen Elbert and Everyone at The Ranch – Greg Sudmeier And All Of The “Magical Strings of Love” – Wayne Ewing And His Film Crew – Carolina Bagnarol – Marc Fleisher – Bob Ludwig At Third Encore – Rosemary Rodd, Mark Haynes, Michael Bonanno at Leo’s Pro Audio – Kevin Korecky at Pro Audio Rentals – Nigel and John at Pro Piano – Bill Stephans and Allen Rosen At Bananas At Large – Jerry And Everyone At Sound On Stage – The Project Primadonna Award – Mary Jo For Spanky’s Fun House – Guy Charbonneau, Stef And Staff Of Le Mobile – Rob Jacobs – Mark Johnson at Meyers Sound Labs – Leesa Cody and Mike At Mclaughlin Coffee Company For The “Spirit Blend” – The Coffee Roaster of Sherman Oaks, Ca for “The Calhoun Blend” A.K.A. “The Love Batch” – All The Girls At Dimitri’s / Alameda, Ca – Craig Paller at Electra Voice – Jeff and Brian at Cutting Edge – Geoff Farr – Roy Elkins at Ensonic – Gary Brower And The Gang at String Instrument Repair – Brad Strickland, Nick Bowcutt And John Teto From Marshall / Korg – Richard and David From Dean Markley Strings – Sean Beresford from Mesa Boogie – Lawrence “Rance” Mannion – David Weiderman at the Guitar Center Hollywood – Mike Gore – Tom Anderson Guitars – Paul Reed Smith – John Hernandez And Scott Summers At Roland – Aspen and Rick at Groove Tubes – Michael at Oberheim – Kim Flint At G-Wiz Labs – Merl Saunders, Jr. – Tim O’connor – Dave Verducci – Mike Perez at Nady Systems – David Cowels at Chs Strings

Steve Perry Would Like To Thank…
The G.O.M. Group of Southern California and it’s Northern California equivalent who know who and what they are, Marvin Gaye, The Pohlenz Family, The Walden Family, Noodles, The L.B.5, Sam Cooke, Robin and Royce, Perry Oretsky, Marion, Carol, Joel Ewing, Jason Becker, Every band I’ve ever been in, Holland Dozier Holland, radio, my very fast Portuguese love machine, my Benz, my bike, my family.

P.S. The Promise Continues

Neal Schon Would Like To Thank…
My family for their love and support…my wife Dina and my children Miles, Elizabeth and Sarah, Mom and Les, my Dad, and of course “Max.”

Jonathan Cain Would Like To Thank…
My wife Elizabeth, my Children: Madison, Liza and Weston, Amy and Barb Fullerton for their love and support and for allowing me to sleep at night while making this record. Also to Doc Shaffer for the many tweaks and Gary Cirimelli for doing his Mac thing. “Long Live The Whale!”

Ross Valory Would Like To Thank…
Achieving success twice (let alone once) in a musical career is truly a great and rare blessing. It would be difficult here to credit and thank all of those who have helped me bring about this success. I thank my loyal and loving wife Mary, our large and ever-supportive family and my good friends George, Steve, Mark, Ted, Paul, “Fango,” and Bud for carrying the torch. I thank Tim Jorstad and Nancy Page for their professional excellence and patience. John Prock and Mark Emberton for the David Eden Electonics endorsement, and Master Steven White for being my guru of guitar physics.

Steve Smith Would Like To Thank…
Diane Kiernan Palmarini for your infinite love, Susan, Ian and Lizzie Smith for your love and support. Lee Stein for your guidance and inspiration. Freddie Gruber for your direction. All my friends at Zildjian: Armand, Debbie and Cragie Zildjian. Lennie Di Muzio, Colin Schofield and John De Christopher, Sonor: John Dyke, Buz King, Ian Croft and Oliver Link. Vic Firth, Vic, Kelly and Tracy Firth, Remo: Steve Ettleson, Dw: Don Lombardi.

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