• Little Girl

    Written by: Steve Perry, Neal Schon, Gregg Rolie

Dream, After Dream, performed by the American rock band Journey, is the soundtrack album to the Japanese film Yume, Yume No Ato. Released in 1980 on Columbia Records, it was the seventh album-length recording by the group. The soundtrack, however, firmly overshadowed the film itself, which enjoyed little notoriety. The album is notable for being a significant departure from the arena rock which characterized the band’s three preceding albums, harking back to their progressive rock beginnings and relying on complex musicianship and instrumentals.

Dream, After Dream features a full vocal on three of its nine tracks, “Destiny”, “Sand Castles” and “Little Girl”. “Little Girl” was later the B-side of the “Open Arms” single and was featured on Journey’s Time3 collection. The track also appears as a bonus track on the 2006 reissue of Departure and in 2011 on Greatest Hits 2. “Destiny” is the band’s longest recorded song.

This was the last studio album to feature founding member Gregg Rolie.

Dream, After Dream has been viewed as a major departure from the commercially successful, radio-friendly pop of their previous three albums, instead harking back to their early, progressive rock-oriented work. CD Universe wrote, “One of the most overlooked albums in Journey’s catalogue… Dream, After Dream is a fine example of Journey’s underrated musicianship, and recommended for devoted fans.” Dave Marsh, normally an ardent detractor of the band, was even more enthusiastic, describing the album as “the band’s finest recording of the 80’s”. AllMusic, while still positive, were less impressed, awarding the album three stars out of five.