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  • Just The Same Way

    Written by: Steve Perry, Gregg Rolie, Neal Schon, Ross Valory
    Live In Osaka, Japan
    October 10, 1980

Captured is the title of Journey’s first live album. Recorded during their Departure tour, it was released in February 1981 on the Columbia Records label. The album went on to sell two million copies, reaching No. 9 on the Billboard 200 albums chart.

This album was recorded during the band’s “Departure” tour in 1980. Tracks 1 to 4 were taken from a performance recorded at The Forum in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on August 8, 1980. Tracks 5 & 6 were from the performance at the end of the tour in Koseinenkin Hall, Shinjyuku, Tokyo, Japan on October 13, 1980 and tracks 7 to 16 came from two shows at Cobo Hall in Detroit, Michigan on August 4 & 5th 1980. The song “Dixie Highway”, had not previously been recorded on a Journey album. Closing the album is the lone studio track, “The Party’s Over (Hopelessly in Love)”, which was released as a single.

In the liner notes, the album is dedicated to AC/DC lead singer Bon Scott who died in February 1980. Scott is referred to as “a friend from the highway”, most likely referencing AC/DC’s 1979 album Highway to Hell.

This was the last Journey album for keyboard player and founder Gregg Rolie.

Liner Notes:

Special thanks to concert photographers Mike Hausmann, Paul Natkin, Michael Mendelson, John Maginnis, Randy Bachman, John Hamlin, Hisao Takahasi and the members of the Journey Force.

This album is dedicated to the memory of Bon Scott, a friend from the highway.

We offer here the special moments of the 1980 tour. Our best times happen with you, the people we visit in all the cities around the world. All of you make a very special difference, and we feel this album reflects that; your presence is the key.

An unbelievable effort is brought to bear by our management staff and road crew. They are responsible for our ability to give our best performance. Words fail to express our pride and love for these people.

Management staff: HERBIE HERBERT Manager, James Hernanadez Administration, Jim Welch Creative Service, Carolina Bagnorol Business Administration, Gigi Lubugle Accounting, Sandy Einstein and John Villanueva Promotion and Publicity, Van Jarvis Special Projects, Mick Anger Communications.

Road Crew: Pat Morrow Road Manager, Peyton Wilson Production Manager, Jim McCandless Production Manager, Benny Collins Stage Manager,

Kevin Elson Live Sound Engineer, Kenny Mednick Lighting Design, Jack Villanueva Keyboards, John Griswold Guitars, Steve Hill Electronics, Peter DeAnda Carpenter, Steve Lelacheur Carpenter.

Lights: Nightlights, Ken Mednick, John Lobel, Paul Elliot, Valdis Dauksts Production Manager.

Merchandising: Jim Welch/Winterland Productions, Del Furano, Mike Harkins, Terry Brennan.

Trucking: Rebanda Transportation, Joe DeAnda, Merton Mead, Michael DeContreras, Peter Casanova, Joey Albright.

Sound: Audio Analysts: Bert Pare, Peter Pare, Monique Pare, Rocky Holman, Dickie Offeringa, Randy Boyd, Chris Tervit-Monitors.

Peavey Electronics has made possible a consistent stage sound for all our tours. Peavey speakers and amps are the heart of the sound on this album.
Likewise, Electro-Voice microphones are the heart of Journey’s vocal sound.

We would like to thank Roland Corporation, Sonor, Zildjian, Guild, Ovation, ESP Guitars, And The Star Case Company.
Thanks also to the gang at Leo’s Music in Oakland, California.

Our Friends at CBS Records have worked long and hard to bring our music to the people of the world.

  • Dixie Highway
    Live In Osaka, Japan
    October 10, 1980

  • Too Late
    Live In Osaka, Japan
    October 10, 1980

  • Walks Like A Lady
    Live In Osaka, Japan
    October 10, 1980

  • Where Were You
    Live In Osaka, Japan
    October 10, 1980

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