Written by: Steve Perry, Craig Krampf, Billy Steele

This album is a treasure trove consisting of hits from Steve Perry’s two solo albums Street Talk (1984) and For the Love of Strange Medicine (1994), along with several previously unreleased tracks from the abandoned solo project Against the Wall, as well as original demos, b-sides, and collaborations.

Against the Wall” was originally going to be Steve’s second solo album. It was shelved by a corporate executive during the time when Sony Music bought Columbia Records. This executive was not too sure about the musical direction of the album. Seven of these tracks were later released in 1998 on Steve’s Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased album and the others were released as bonus tracks on the 2006 re-issue of For the Love of Strange Medicine.

Steve states in the Greatest Hits booklet that these songs all together should be called “Better Late Than Never“…

Liner Notes:

Thanks to: Columbia Records [Now] Tommy Mottola, Michele Anthony, Don Ienner, Jerry Blair, John Kalodner, Paul Rappaport, Charlie Walk, Lee Leipsner, Elaine Locatelli, Peter Fletcher, Larry Jenkins, David Coleman, Kris Ferraro, Leslie Langlo

Thanks to: Columbia Records [Then] Bruce Lundvall, Walter Yetnikoff, Al Teller, Michael Dilbeck, Don Ellis, Paul Smith, Ron Oberman, Don Vangorp, Shelly Selover, Gail Roverts, Arma Andon, Charlie Coplen

Tape Archive Assistance: Al Quaglieri
Mastering: Sterling Sound Inc., NY by George Marino

Special thanks to everyone who believed in me.


Steve Perry

  • Foolish Heart

  • Missing You

  • I Stand Alone